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marvel_united's Journal

Marvel United: Marvel universe RPG
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This is an RPG spanning the entire marvel universe, feel free to join as your favorite marvel character. oc's will be accepted on a case by case basis. We're all here to have a good time but rules have to be in place:
1. Mark all OOC posts as such
2.NO GODMODING!!! Godmoding can result in banning
3. No mary sues
4.Keep OOC fights to a minimum
5. no spamming.
6.with an rpg that spans a whole comic universe, things can get chaotic...no one knows where any of this is going....so be ready for anything!
7. This RPG is PG-13, and any threads that might shift to a latter age should be marked
8. Please, no one-lining!! we're not asking for Hemmingway, we're not asking for Wilde, and we're CERTAINLY not asking for Shakespeare....but please, make posts more than "he walked forward" it takes away from the whole thing if you do one-lining